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Surgical Technologist

The Surgical Technologist works at the very heart of some of the most advanced healthcare settings.

Candidates for Surgical Technologists are dependable problem solvers, possess great integrity, pay attention to detail, are good communicators and a team player. They also pride themselves in remaining calm under pressure and oftentimes in a stressful environment.

Surgical Technologists are in high demand in the Denver metro area

For work in hospitals, outpatient care centers, physician offices and ambulatory surgery centers (day surgeries.) Education programs to become a Surgical Technologist last 18 to 24 months, and can be found at private and public institutions across the Front Range

What will you do as a Surgical Technologist? Here are a few common duties in a variety of settings:
  • Setting up a complex operating room with sterile instruments and linens
  • Prepping patients for surgery
  • Getting them safely to the operating room, then “draping” them with sterile surgical materials
  • Observing patient vital signs
  • Helping the surgical team scrub in
  • Getting patients safely back to recovery after surgery

With all this responsibility, Surgical Technologists command a good salary, ranging from $30,450 to $61,300 a year, or $14.65 to $29 an hour. Employers may require proof of education credentials in this field, and employee background checks, depending on the employer and the workplace.

$30,450 – $61,300


$14.65 – $29

an Hour

If this sounds like you, please call 720-560-2406 for more information.

Programs can be found at:
  • Community College of Denver
  • Front Range Community College
  • Pima Medical Institute



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