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Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy Technicians could work in hospitals, retail stores, compounding centers, skilled nursing facilities or mail-order sites.

Ever picked up a prescription and been impressed by the fast work, smart answers and can-do atmosphere behind the counter? That could be you, with a highly-in-demand career of a Pharmacy Technician.

Attractions of a Pharmacy Technician career include flexible hours and demand all over the Denver metro area, in a number of different healthcare settings.

Each environment offers a different pace or work and level of patient interaction – retail is definitely faster paced, while a hospital can be both slow and fast depending on various factors.

There are some special requirements for Pharmacy Techs — candidates for the six months of training programs must pass a background check, with no prior records of substance abuse. With a special career comes some special responsibility.

Like you, they are fast on their feet and can do any of following:
  • Prepare medications & get them to patients
  • Order drugs & other supplies
  • Measure, mix & compound drugs and sterile solutions
  • Take phone questions and read patient charts

Salaries range from $29,810 to $32,940. Employers may require proof of education credentials in this field, and employee background checks, depending on the employer and the workplace.

$29,810 – $32,940


If learning the pharmacy trade sounds right for you, find out more about educational opportunities and other key information by calling 720-560-2406.

Programs can be found at:
  • Front Range Community College
  • Pima Medical Institute
  • Emily Griffith Technical College



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