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Medical Lab Technician

If you like finding the facts, analyzing the challenge, and putting the pieces together until you’ve solved a problem that threatens someone’s health, then Medical Lab Technician is a career waiting for you.

As a Medical Lab Technician, you’ll work under supervision to perform lab tests and chemical analysis that help physicians diagnose and treat all kinds of patient health problems. You may use a microscope to look at blood samples, or a chemical analyzer to test urine samples, or a computer program to calibrate test results to desired specifications.

Medical Lab Technician careers are in great demand in Colorado’s dynamic health care scene.

With growth in the job category pegged at 22 percent from 2012 to 2022, you are likely to have a variety of job possibilities when you complete a typical two-year academic program. You may have a variety of workplace settings to choose from, to match your personality and ambition, from a blood bank to a police forensic lab to a transplant center to a public health clinic or a hospital.

The kinds of people often attracted to Medical Lab Technician jobs are:
  • Comfortable working in a sterile setting
  • Interested in critical thinking
  • Detail Oriented
  • Possesses computer analytical skills
  • Enthusiastic about problem solving
  • Communicates well with supervisors and colleagues
  • Enjoys searching for answers

Typical salaries for Medical Lab Technicians range from $26,000 to $38,376 annually, or $12.50 to $18.45 an hour. Employers may require proof of educational credentials in this field and employee background checks, depending on the employer and the workplace.

$26,000 – $38,376


$12.50 – $18.45

an Hour

Arapahoe Community College is the Denver Metro-area provider of courses leading to an associate’s degree. For more information about their schedule and programs, click here, or call the Greater Denver Metro Healthcare Partnership at 720-560-2406.

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