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Healthcare employees are in great demand throughout the Denver Metro area.

It’s one of the fastest-growing career fields – hospitals,surgery centers, pharmacies and nursing facilities need you. Healthcare is not just another job. It’s a career, full of advancement possibilities, opportunities to travel and live where you want, a variety of working hours and locations that suit your lifestyle and your family. And every step of the way, you are helping people.

Healthcare jobs vary greatly, from hands-on care of patients in need, to technical lab work, to office staff in a dynamic, public-facing environment. And further education can quickly boost you in the career to higher job classifications and higher pay and benefits.


Colorado needs you, but every city and every state needs a well-trained healthcare workforce to fill a fast-growing number of jobs. From small towns to suburbs to the biggest cities, your skills will always be in demand.


Wages can range from $15 to $80 an hour depending on specialties, with health insurance and other benefits, and possibilities of paid training for career advancement in many locations.


Work a day shift to greet your kids after school. Work a night shift and take classes during the day. Work longer shifts and have three-day weekends, or work weekends and have popular Colorado spots to yourself at mid-week. Work with people or work with high-tech lab equipment behind the scenes. Your career will fit your personality.


In every role, you can help people feel healthier, safer, happier, more connected, more knowledgeable about themselves and their condition. How many careers can say that?


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New Healthcare Careers from 2016-2026
The growth rate for healthcare jobs in the metro area is more than double that of other industries. Nationwide, healthcare careers will represent 1 in 4 of all new jobs.

In 2016, the healthcare industry grew by 35,000 jobs per month

“I spend every day at work helping children, and adults of all kinds, to feel better — and it makes me a better person. I am a young single mother who needs a career to provide for my daughter, and this path has allowed me great opportunity, with a short time in school.”
Breanna S.

Find out more about the five most dynamic and in-demand healthcare jobs in the Denver Metro area, and where you might fit in to take control of your career.

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