Work Based Learning Opportunities – Apprenticeship

On-the-job training programs

The Greater Metro Denver Healthcare Partnership is working with industry and education partners to identify new opportunities using work-based learning strategies. One of the key strategies has been the development of registered apprenticeships. This strategy allows employers to grow their own employees while training them.

Apprenticeships allow industry partners to directly develop potential employees in real-life settings where they will begin their careers, encouraging both accuracy and speed in training, and rapid integration of new employees into a dynamic workplace setting. Employers benefit by shaping the training in high-demand healthcare fields to fit their industry needs, while employees benefit by making real-life career connections and earning the trust of employers. Earn as they learn?

On-the-job training programs further encourage career development and employer satisfaction by helping entry-level employees grow  into more exciting and rewarding careers.

For example, some metro-area healthcare employers offer on-the-job coursework that might allow a nutrition services employee to take free classes to become a Certified Nursing Assistant, one of the five high-growth jobs promoted by the Partnership.