Greater Metro Denver Healthcare Partnership Initiatives


Through the Greater Metro Denver Healthcare Partnership, Colorado’s top employers and local workforce leaders have come together to find solutions to workforce needs. We bring a wealth of industry knowledge and educational opportunity to make the connections that will put more Denver-area residents in top-notch positions and get more Denver-area employers the trained employees they need.

We’re addressing diversity and skills gaps in talent pipelines and more. Here are some initiatives GMDHP is focused on to make a difference in Denver’s healthcare career market.

Health Careers Colorado

GMDHP is focused on filling the gap on Denver’s five fastest-growing and highest-demand healthcare careers in metro area right now. This program will introduce entry-level career choices and the path to successfully securing these positions.

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“Creating awareness and promoting the associated rewards of working in healthcare is an essential strategy in strengthening the talent pipeline. The younger generation wants meaningful work. They want to do good and positively affect someone’s life. What better place than in healthcare.”
Jeana Capel-Jones, Project Coordinator, GMDHP


Work-based learning is an effective education and training strategy for youth. Working with its partners, GMDHP is impacting diversity in the workforce by connecting innovative employers and prospective candidates by creating apprenticeships and other career-focused training to bring employees on-the-job training. The Partnership is working to build the workforce by exploring new methods of empowering workers with education and training they need to develop career pathways and earn higher wages.

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The Partnership utilizes a wide array of information about workforce and industry needs to develop its strategies. Using the resources available through our partnership with workforce system and economic development entities we have access to industry profiles, economic trends and occupational profiles.


Each year using data and labor market information, the Partnership identifies 8 to 10 critical occupations that needs specific attention to meet the growing healthcare occupational needs. The Partnership collectively works together to ensure the regional talent pipeline continually supplies talent with essential skills that meet industry needs. The GMDHP works with educational partners to design and develop curriculums that are current and meet industry standards.

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