Engagement Opportunities

Bringing together industry leaders

The active members of the GMDHP network are what make this partnership especially unique. Bringing together industry leaders to address employment and training needs is a model to be admired. The collective leadership can ensure career solutions are available in the ever-changing healthcare landscape and that educational programming is keeping pace with employer needs.

The Greater Metro Denver Healthcare Partnership welcomes and seeks your engagement in the important work of helping area employers meet growing healthcare career demands and finding appropriate training and employment for area job seekers.

There are a number of opportunities to get involved:

1Quarterly Public Partnership Meetings

Bringing together human resources leaders, deans from training institutions, and managers of the workforce system, together to create one voice on the issues impacting the healthcare industry and its employment goals. Action-oriented meetings are designed to focus quickly, develop innovative solutions, and collaborate on the most effective communication tools to further our goals.

2Subject Matter Expert Workgroups

The Partnership gets to the heart of employment and training issues by engaging key experts in various fields of knowledge. These workgroups collaborate to identify critical skills and abilities needed in key healthcare occupations, thus helping to inform curriculum development and marketing.

3Workforce Planning Committee

Taking a regional approach to workforce planning is essential when working with the diverse talent needs of healthcare employers. This committee strategizes news ways of streamlining workforce processes and procedures. The committee provides single points of contact when working with recruiters to meet their individual needs such as screening and selection of work ready candidates to hosting customized recruitment and hiring events.

4Industry Skills Panels

An exchange of information with industry experts on issues impacting the talent pipeline, leading toward creative solutions.

5Strategic Initiatives

The Partnership may work to influence state legislation, collect market data, develop new apprenticeships or on-the-job training, and create wider awareness of rewarding career pathways.

Stay in touch with our Events page to find out the next opportunity in your area of interest.